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Environmental Design for the Greater Vancouver Zoo

The Greater Vancouver Zoo does important conservation work with three local endangered species: The Taylor's Checkerspot Butterfly, the Oregon Spotted Frog, and the Western Painted Turtle. The Conservation Corner is an area in the zoo where patrons can see the work at a distance, and read about it.


The solution was to create three large animal standees to put in the scientist-only area, as a bright visual to show visitors where the animals are, while not being overly obtrusive for zoo staff working with the animals.

Corresponding die-cut signs in a covered hut give information about the important work that is taking place, and draw the eye from the path.

To help zoo visitors to learn about local conservation efforts in a memorable and interactive way, and to bring more attention
to the Conservation Corner exhibit.

Asset 1_150x.png

Taylor's Checkerspot Butterfly

Oregon Spotted Frog

Western Painted Turtle

conservation corner.png
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