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UX Design for the Busy Student 

An app for the busy student who wants to rediscover their love for reading-for-fun—which has been dulled by university textbook readings and heavy homework workloads.

To take the concept of other leading reading tracker apps in a new direction. Book Worm should work as a companion to reading, in a way that does not feel daunting or obligatory, but rather celebrates the small wins towards a daily reading habit (rather than an arbitrary number of books read).


The solution was an app with an emphasis on reading for a certain length of time each day. The user doesn't need to stress about page count, and this low-pressure, joy-based habit becomes one that they are able to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

The aesthetic user interface contributes a feeling of childlike wonder upon opening the app, and reminds users of any age to their treat reading time as fun time.

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